Battlerite Royale Hack and scripts for the new game. Already on closed beta testing it was possible to find out how easy it is to bypass the protection of the game. Perhaps these errors will be fixed after the release, but at the moment they are very easy to use. We plan to add basic cheats such as: Aim, ESP, WH.

Battlerite Royale Hack 
Battlerite Royale Hack

Battlerite Royale Hack

Functions Battlerite Royale Hack :

Battlerite Royale Hack  Undetected

  • Show ability
  • ZoomHack
  • Steelkill
  • Auto Interrupt Abilities
  • Substitution of player models for simplified
  • Aimbot (relevant for heroes with auto attack) | SOON
  • ESP (3D, 2D) | SOON
  • WallHack | SOON
Use the link below to download the Battlerite Royale Hack  using your Windows or Mac device:

Use the link below to unlock the download link for Battlerite Royale Hack  using your Android or iOS device:


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