Initiating this Deep Space Waifu Trainer:

  • Press F1 at principle menu.
  • Tune in for ‘Trainer Activated’.
  • Press wanted hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Deep Space Waifu Trainer Options:

  • Numpad 1: Easy Get Stars Unlock Girls
  • Numpad 2: Quick Remove and Destroy Clothes
  • Numpad 3: Unlimited Lives
  • Numpad 4: Invincible


Numpad 1: Easy Get Stars Unlock Girls – enter HD Mode, flip on, at that point leave at that point return and more young ladies are opened. Rehash to open them all.

Numpad 2: Quick Remove and Destroy Clothes – you should have first shot some dress that has the red HP esteem appeared. Flip this on what’s more, most apparel with HP will crush in a split second.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Lives – you need passed on once. Flip on and you have boundless lives.

Numpad 4: Invincible – you need taken harm at any rate once. Flip on and nothing causes you hurt.


To briefly impair the Hotkeys, press CTRL-H after trainer is enacted. You can utilize CTRL-H to re-initiate the Hotkeys also.

You can likewise quiet explicit hotkeys by changing the hotkey you need to quiet to ‘NONE’.

Deep Space Waifu Trainer
Deep Space Waifu Trainer

VR Mode

– HTC Vive

Tap on the VR MODE button. Trainer choices will currently be drawn as buttons.

Initiate the trainer as normal with your console. Put your HTC Vive on and when you are ingame press the MENU button on the hand controllers to open the steam overlay. At the base you can tap on the DESKTOP button and you can without much of a stretch press choices on the trainer with your hand controller now.

– Oculus Rift

Starting at now the oculus has no novel info gadget and utilizations console or xbox controller. Both are bolster by the trainer as of now.

Deep Space Waifu Trainer

Guide to download Deep Space Waifu Trainer using your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device:
  1. Please disable your antivirus before downloading(errors may occur, re-activate after installation!).
  2. ⇓ Mirror 1 Link ⇓ or ⇓ Mirror 2 Link ⇓ - Download Links for Deep Space Waifu Trainer
  3. Open and install following the instructions provided inside installer.
  4. Enjoy and save the page for updates or ChangeLogs.