Surviving Mars Cheat Menu ECM (Modding Tools)

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Introduce Info Surviving Mars Cheat Menu ECM (Modding Tools).

Place mod envelope in %AppData%\Surviving Mars\Mods.

(make Mods envelope on the off chance that it doesn’t exist). Different OS areas

Enable with in-game mod administrator.

No you needn’t bother with chippydip’s Cheats Menu mod for this…

Expanded Cheat Menu ECM (Modding Tools)
Expanded Cheat Menu ECM (Modding Tools)

Surviving Mars Cheat Menu ECM (Modding Tools)


  • F2: Toggle the cheats menu (Ctrl-F2 to flip cheats board).
  • F3: Set protest murkiness.
  • F4: Open protest analyst.
  • F5: Open protest controller (or use alter button in analyst).
  • F6: Change building shading (Shift or Ctrl to apply irregular/default).
  • F7: Toggle utilizing last building introduction.
  • F9: Clear the reassure log.
  • Ctrl+F: Fill asset of protest.
  • Enter or Tilde: Show the comfort.
  • Number keys: Toggle construct menu (Shift-*Num for menus over 10).
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R: Opens comfort and places “restart” in it.
  • Ctrl-Space: Opens situation mode with the last manufactured question.
  • Ctrl-Shift-Space: Opens position mode with chose protest (works with stores).
  • Ctrl-Shift-F: Follow Camera (chase after a question).
  • Ctrl-Alt-F: Toggle mouse cursor (valuable in pursue mode to choose stuff).
  • Ctrl-Shift-E: Toggle supervisor mode (select protest at that point hold ctrl/move/alt and drag mouse).
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D: Delete question (select various protests in manager and utilize this to erase them all).
  • Move Q: Clone chosen question mouse position.
  • More alternate route keys are accessible, see menu things.
  • When I say question that implies either the chose protest or the question under the mouse cursor.
  • There’s a cheats area in most determination boards on the correct side of the screen.
  • Menu>Gameplay>QoL>Infopanel Cheats (on as a matter of course)
  • Drift over menu things for a depiction (will state whenever empowered or handicapped).
  • To alter and use documents from Files.hpk, use HPK archiver to extract them into the mod organizer.
  • In the event that Defaults.lua is in indistinguishable place from Init.lua you did it effectively.
  • Settings are spared at %APPDATA%\Surviving Mars\CheatMenuModSettings.lua
  • ^ erase to reset to default settings (except if it’s something like changing limit of RC Transports, that is kept in savegame)
  • Help>Reset Settings will likewise do a similar thing.
  • You can alter the easy route enters in the settings document (or clear them to debilitate).
  • Rundown of some stuff added (not state-of-the-art)

Include Applicants:

  • Include Funds/Reset Funds
  • Include Mystery Buildings
  • Include Prefabs
  • Include Research Points
  • Permit Dome Forbidden Buildings
  • Permit Dome Required Buildings
  • Permit Tall Buildings Under Pipes
  • Measure of BreakThrough Techs Per Game
  • Space rocks (single,multi,storm)
  • Maintain a strategic distance from Workplace
  • Fringe Scrolling
  • Assemble Spires Outside of Spire Point
  • Building Damage Crime
  • Links and Pipes: Instant Build
  • Links and Pipes: Instant Repair
  • Links and Pipes: No Chance of Break
  • Camera Zoom Dist
  • Shot of Negative Trait
  • Shot of Sanity Damage
  • Change Logo
  • Change Occurrence Level of Disasters
  • Change Sponsor/Commander
  • Pioneer Residence Capacity
  • Pioneers Add Specialization To All
  • Pioneers Chance of Suicide
  • Pioneers Morale Max
  • Pioneers Min birth limit
  • Pioneers Per Rocket
  • Pioneers Starve
  • Pioneers Suffocate
  • Development For Cheap
  • Product Fail Threshold (bring down the limit to 0)
  • Profound Scan
  • More profound Scan Enable
  • Debilitate Texture Compression
  • Automaton Battery Infinite
  • Automaton Build Speed
  • Automaton Carry Amount Increase
  • Automaton Meteor Malfunction
  • Automaton Recharge Time
  • Automaton Repair Supply Leak
  • Automatons Per DroneHub Increase
  • Automatons Per RC Rover Increase
  • Fill Resource Selected
  • Nourishment Per Rocket Passenger Increase
  • Completely Automated Buildings
  • Game Speed Default,Double,Triple,Quad,Octuple,Sexdecuple,Duotriguple,Quattuorsexaguple
  • Increasable Capacity Colonist/Visitor/Battery/Air/Water
  • Moment Build (generally things)
  • Upkeep Free Buildings
  • Meteor Health Damage
  • Dampness Vaporator Penalty
  • No Home Comfort Damage
  • Open In Ged Editor (gives you a chance to open a few protests in the ged proofreader)
  • Outside Workplace Radius Increase
  • Redistribute Points 1000000
  • Redistributing Free
  • Execution Penalty Non-Specialist
  • Positive Playground
  • Undertaking Morpheus Positive Trait
  • RC Rover Drone Recharge Free
  • RC Transport Storage Increase
  • RC Transport Transfer Speed
  • Expel Building Limits (they can be put anyplace: no uneven territory, it wrecks the structures)
  • Rebel Creation
  • Research Every Breakthrough
  • Research Every Mystery
  • Research Queue Larger
  • Rocket Cargo Capacity
  • Rocket Travel Instant
  • Sanatorium Cure All Traits
  • Sanatorium/School Show All Traits
  • Scanner Queue Larger
  • School Train All Traits
  • See Dead Sanity Damage
  • Set Colonists Age,Sex,Comfort,Health,Morale,Sanity
  • Set Death Age
  • Set New Colonists Age,Sex
  • Set Shadow Map Size
  • Set Transparency of UI things
  • Set Opacity of items
  • Demonstrate All Traits in Sanatorium/School
  • Show Hidden Buildings
  • ShuttleHub Shuttles Increase
  • Separating between Pipe Pillars
  • Begin Mysteries (puzzles don’t begin till after you have 100 pilgrims, and a measure of time has passed. they pile up, so I wouldn’t begin too much)
  • Capacity Depot/Waste Dump limit increment
  • Flip Editor (you can move stuff around: on the off chance that you truly need a pack of pioneers moving around inside an arch that isn’t there any longer)
  • Flip Infopanel Cheats
  • Attributes: Add/Remove All Negative or Positive
  • Boundless Wonders
  • Open Every Breakthrough
  • Visit Fail Penalty
  • Compose Logs
๐Ÿ“ Download Mirror 1 ๐Ÿ“ Download Mirror 2 ๐Ÿ“ EXTERNAL MIRROR
๐Ÿ“ Download Mirror 1 ๐Ÿ“ Download Mirror 2 ๐Ÿ“ EXTERNAL MIRROR

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