Surviving Mars – CheatMenu v.9.7 – Game mod

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Surviving Mars – CheatMenu v.9.7 – Game mod.

Empowers Cheat menu, Cheat data sheet, Console, includes an entire bundle of menuitems, enables you to work the same number of Wonders as you need, and so on…

Surviving Mars - CheatMenu v.9.7 - Game mod
Surviving Mars – CheatMenu v.9.7 – Game mod


  • ?Contains practically the majority of my different mods, too a couple of increasingly (none of the new/altered building mods however)
  • F2: Toggle the cheats menu.
  • F4: Open protest inspector for chose question
  • Ctrl+F: Fill asset of chose question
  • Enter or Tilde: reassure
  • F9 to clear the reassure history
  • There’s a cheats segment in most information boards on the correct side of the screen.
  • Menu>Toggles>Infopanel Cheats (on as a matter of course, and in addition the vacant cheat being impaired)
  • Drift over menu things for a portrayal (will state whenever empowered or impaired)
  • In the event that a menu has “+ num” it’ll increment it by that number each time
  • Support
  • Flip indicating history/results on-screen (Menu>Debug, it’s on as a matter of course)
  • type any name in to see it in the reassure log (ex: Consts)
  • exit (or quit)
  • restart (or reboot)
  • examine(Consts) (or ex(Consts))
  • dump(Consts)
  • dumplua(dlgConsole) (dumps utilizing TupleToLuaCode())
  • dumpobject(SelectedObj) (or dumpo)
  • dumptable(Consts) (or dumpt)
  • on the off chance that you need to overwrite rather than annex content: DumpObject(TechTree,”w”)
  • in the event that you need to dump works too: DumpTable(TechTree,nil,true)
  • a few capacities I added that might be valuable to modders:
  • ChoGGi.PrintIds(TechTree): Dumps table names+number (access with TechTree[6][46])
  • TechTree[6][46] = Breakthroughs>PrefabCompression
  • ChoGGi.ReturnTechAmount(Tech,Prop)
  • returns number from TechTree (so you realize the amount it changes)
  • ChoGGi.ReturnTechAmount(“CompactPassengerModule”,”MaxColonistsPerRocket”).a
  • ^returns 10
  • ChoGGi.ReturnTechAmount(“HullPolarization”,”BuildingMaintenancePointsModifier”).p
  • ^ returns 0.25
  • it returns rates in decimal for simplicity of mathing
  • ie: BuildingMaintenancePointsModifier is – 25 this profits it as 0.25
  • it additionally returns negative sums as positive (I lean toward doing num – a not num + a)
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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